Cc's Corner Coffee Photoshoot

This photo shoot took place at the wonderful CC' Coffee located on old Richmond road in Ottawa. It was a great back drop for the collection and help shape the visuals. The premise of this photoshoot: Two novice film writers have 48 hours to come up with one original script. Each set of photos represent a different idea of a movie. Each story has its own look and colour scheme.  


Two best friends save up all their money from their summer jobs to go on on final road trip before heading off to separate colleges. Out of gas and food they stop at a local diner in a small town. It was then the local trouble makers step in. The more rebellious friend starts up a conversation with two of the rascals. With talk of a party, they suddenly vanish. Crazy antics ensued as the more responsible friend and the other troublemaker were the two left to search for their missing friends


The Richmond Family had everything - money, looks and popularity. Their father happened to be the owner of the country club that was the coolest place to be during the summer time. Two lower class friends attempt to weasel their way the social circle in hopes to spend their summer by the pool along side with the bodacious babes

The Brat Pack

This unlikely gang hasn't always seen eye-to-eye. They all met at the local diner to work out the last project for their college history course. Their  assignment was to pick out a local myth surrounding a town and study it. What they find leads them down a tunnel of crazy events that would bond them as a group and change their lives forever. 

Locals Only 

The cast will be a great group of individuals that will stand out and take  Hollywood by storm.


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